I wanted to call these 'seconds' but my lovely partner pointed out that all the skirts are sort of seconds, what with the upcycling. Nevertheless, there are some skirts that we run across that may be lovely, but are also in need of love. Or patches. Embroidery. Stain removal. We call these our Screwed-Up Skirts, perfect for gardening, or tie-dying, or...martial-arts practice? You get the idea. Gorgeous, flawed and totally worth it, just like us all.
Because of their more...delicate condition, Screwed-Up Skirts' starting price is well-below that of our regular skirts. Promo codes may be applied to a Screwed-Up Skirt purchase, but we regret that they are not returnable. 

Alien Christmas Invasion - Wevez Regular-sized Tea-length skirt


Holiday Party- Darn Good Yarn Plus-sized Ankle skirt


Silver Stunner! - Wevez Plus-sized Mini-length skirt


A Little More to the Right--Darn Good Yarn Goddess-sized Mini skirt


Instrument Jamboree - Wevez Regular-sized Mini-length skirt


Two Seasons: One Skirt - Darn Good Yarn Plus-sized Ankle skirt


Not in My Crayon Box - Darn Good Yarn Regular-sized Mini skirt


Leafy Diamonds - Darn Good Yarn Goddess-sized Mini skirt


Olive on Purple - Darn Good Yarn Regular-sized Ankle skirt