I keep seeing that these skirts are made from "reclaimed materials." What does that mean?

These skirts are all one-of-a-kind, made from upcycled saris. They are beautiful and unique...but the fabric they are made from is sometimes gently-used. There may be a small hole, a worn patch, a slight discoloration. We have photographed the flaws we can find, so you know exactly what you are getting, but if you find that the skirt is not an acceptable quality, you can return it and we will refund the purchase price, less actual shipping. The only exceptions are skirts that are clearly marked as non-returnable. 

What's with the crayons?

All monitors are different. Heck, all eyes are different. But crayons are blissfully the same...and if you see what a color looks like against a specific crayon, and you can get your hands on that crayon, then you have a decent chance of not being surprised by the color of your skirt. We use colors from the Crayola box of 154. 

I see you talk about boteh a lot. What the heck is a boteh?

Boteh are the predominant part of the paisley pattern. They are those individual teardrop-looking things. I know. The things you learn when you become obsessed with fabric patterns.

I see in the earring pictures that there is a measuring tape shown for scale. What is the unit of measure shown?

That tape measures in inches. Remember for our brethren who use the much more sensical and much less whimsical metric system that one inch=2.54 cm.

Where do you ship from? I like to have an idea of how long it will take. 

We ship from suburban Washington DC. Or suburban Baltimore. Kind of in between really. 

Who are you?

You know, we are glad you asked. We are just a couple girls with a skirt habit--just like you. We hope. Check us out on our store Facebook page--we can't wait to meet you!