Short side of skirt, it is a pale blue that is hard to capture in photos.
Detail of the bottom of the short layer of this skirt.
Why is there a section of fuschia leading to an olive green section on the tie?  No idea!  It's still really pretty.
Close up of short layer pattern
Detail of side border of short layer
Long layer - beautiful pattern and a slightly heavier fabric with a beautiful drape.  This is the inside
Detail of bottom of long layer
One long vertical thread pull on long layer
Abrasion of fabric one one flower on long layer.
Longer view of the same vertical thread pull on the long layer - this is from the duller
Detail of the pattern on the long layer of the skirt
Darn Good Yarn XL wrap skirt labels
Darn Good Yarn employes safe jobs with fair wages for their artisans.
Because not all monitors show the same colors, we try to include a picture of crayons as a reference.  We hope that they help you know what to expect from your beautiful skirt!  No, the crayons are not included with purchase.
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A Surprisingly Fun Accent - Darn Good Yarn Plus-sized Ankle skirt

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The short layer of this skirt is a beautifully pale blue with small brown flowers.  It is really lovely.    The long layer is a very striking display of flowers in Chestnut with tan and green, on a lovely almond colored base fabric.   Now, if you can tell us why this skirt has one tie that has olive and fuschia colors on it?   Well, we would be interested in that backstory! Still - it makes for a surprisingly fun accent! 

This skirt does have an area of abrasion near one flower, and one very long, vertical thread pull central on the short layer.   Please see pictures.  

This skirt is approximately 60"x33", plus ties.   Darn Good Yarn skirts have 3 buttonholes in the waistband.