Semi-Mystery DGY Regular Ankle #2
Semi-Mystery DGY Regular Ankle #2
  • SKU: SM-DRA-2

Semi-Mystery DGY Regular Ankle #2

$22.00 $45.00

We had thought about selling mystery skirts for a while, just to change things up a little but then we thought that the last year had had far too many surprises already, so we decided to go with the SEMI-MYSTERY SKIRT instead.

These skirts are new. We will take them out of the package and will take a couple snaps so that you have some idea what you are getting. We are not measuring, color-matching, or trying them on our lovely headless shop assistant Trixie, however. Some mystery should remain.

What we are doing is selling these skirts at deep, deep discounts. Deep. We will check for major damage only—we are not looking for minor stains or thread pulls. With DGY, we assume that there will be small cosmetic issues, as these skirts are typically well-loved. If you get a skirt with far more damage than you were expecting, reach out and we will make it right.

We don't know the exact size of these skirts, but they should be in this ballpark:

Regular Ankle 49W 33L

Regular Mini 49W 20L

Plus Ankle 58W 33L

Plus Mini 58W 20L

Goddess Ankle 70W 40L

Goddess Mini 70W 28L